What is Google Firebase? How Does It Work?

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

What is Google Firebase?

Google Firebase; It is a platform that allows user login authorization and data to be kept in real time and synchronously without the need for the developer to deal with the server side of web and mobile applications.

Today’s projects are developed on iOS, Android and web platforms in order to appeal to the whole market, but each platform has its own software language and connection types.

Keeping the background data we call Server-Side and using it to the user when necessary is a common problem of every platform and Google Firebase is a common solution developed in this regard.

How Does Google Firebase Work?

Google Firebase isn’t just a technology that works for mobile apps; It is also a platform that can be used for programs running on devices such as computers.

Even if the projects produced today have their own unique software languages, they have to have a structure that will appeal to the entire market. Keeping background data and the ability to use applications on any platform are among the benefits of Firebase.

In this sense, we can say that many applications can produce solutions to common problems.

Today, software developers often discuss which backend technology they should use in their application processes. At the same time, a critical question is which database they should use.

Thanks to Firebase, the work of software experts has become much easier, because now they can develop faster with Firebase. With Firebase, the developers had a greater self-confidence, especially in mobile applications, and this was directly reflected in the production in quantitative terms.

To mention a few prominent features

  • application management,
  • user activities,
  • data storage,
  • Notification submission.

Within the framework of these processes, Firebase provides a solution through the management panel without the need for an extra server and any code writing on the server side. Features that can be used for this purpose; Realtime Database, Notification and Remote Config.

On the other hand, Firebase, which is an alternative to Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), which is used for instant notification with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), keeps the data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format as root-child instead of tables and SQL in the database structure.

Due to this structure and features, it becomes possible to instantly transmit any change in the database to the other user. You can review the Firebase Documentation4 page for all these features, usage, platforms and other technical details.

What are Firebase Benefits?

The Firebase platform has several advantages. At the beginning of these is the retention of session information. On the other hand, applications also have features such as analyzing usage data and sending notifications to users to make new announcements.

In addition to these, it also provides users with some important opportunities such as testing the application before publishing.

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