What is AdMob and How It Works? Earn Money with AdMob

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Google AdMob is a service offered by mobile app developers. It’s a different service delivery platform than Google Ads. AdMob allows you to make your application more profitable by placing ads on your mobile application.

It segments the target audience according to the interests of the users and obtains advertisement impressions. It generates revenue based on the number of clicks on the ads, not the number of downloads of the apps.

To put it briefly, AdMob is an advertising network owned by Google that allows you to earn by adding ads to your mobile games and applications. Google’s advanced tools ensure AdMob works in harmony with your app.

It helps you earn money from the application by increasing the ad interaction in your application thanks to its localization and personalized ads for the user.

Ad Units

Ad units are types of ads that allow you to advertise in different places in your app and in different ways. All ad units can be used simultaneously within a single app. In other words, you can increase your earnings by using each ad unit in the right places.

 AdMob allows you to add three different types of ads to your app: banner, video and rewarded ads. All these types of advertising revenue are different from each other.

  • Banner ads are visual ads and are the least noticeable ad unit. Since it consists of only one fixed image and can be skipped in a short time, its earnings are lower than other advertisements. However, it is the least annoying ad unit, thanks to its easy passability.
  • Video ads are ad units consisting of promotional videos that appear at the places and times you specify. The user can optionally skip the ad after a period of time that you specify. Being more eye-catching than banner ads, it also has a higher engagement rate and generates more revenue; however, since it cannot be passed in a short time, it may disturb the user in frequent use.
  • Rewarded ads are an ad unit that the user voluntarily watches for an in-app earning. It usually consists of 30-second videos and the user cannot skip the ad, and if they pass, they cannot get the in-game reward they want to win. For this reason, they are the ads with the highest interaction rate and revenue among ad units.

Earn More From In-App Ads

You can show ads from Google advertisers in real time, or you can simplify your advertising operations through AdMob, use AdMob to improve competition and earn more fees. Working with millions of advertisers to compete with your ad space, it keeps you in full control of the process and helps you maximize your earnings.

Creating Positive Users

A positive user experience is undoubtedly invaluable to any company. Google AdMob cares about creating a positive user experience. Customize with different ad templates and try these different layouts without republishing the app, contributing to a positive user experience.

And also users can choose to interact with the ad in exchange for in-app rewards. These rewarded ads help you optimize your app revenue while contributing to positive user creation.

Quick Scale

Regardless of whether your app is global or local, your ads are shown to users in more than 200 markets. You can see the best performing networks based on your location and ad formats from over 100 networks around the world.

You can create audiences from Firebase to segment your users. The report is just a click away to understand the top earners.

How Does AdMob Work?

With the principle of in-app advertising, it allows you to earn money from your mobile application. It also shows banner ads, interstitials, video ads and native ads. On Android, this includes in-app purchase ads that allow them to purchase products advertised in your app.

1 million advertisers are on Google AdMob and 1 million apps are using Google AdMob. Easy to install and integrate! Increasing your earnings in the mobile application and customer.

It will accelerate your growth with smart decisions, analytics, reports and measurement features that will help you improve your experience.

How much is AdMob revenue?

When it comes to monetizing mobile applications with AdMob, the first questions that come to mind are how much and how to earn income. The ads you add to your app generate revenue per thousand impressions and clicks.

However, the net income you will earn will vary based on many different factors. Among them, ad units are the most decisive factor.

For example, video ads can generate different earnings based on the time they are shown; rewarded ads, on the other hand, earn more because they cannot be passed. Ad clicks will earn you money directly, but this money varies depending on the company that published the ad in your application.

The country where your app is used is also important for earnings. For example, there can be a big difference between the earnings of an advertisement shown in Germany and an advertisement shown in the United States.

AdMob works with AdSense because it belongs to Google. Therefore, the money you earn in AdMob is transferred to your AdSense account. Before your balance is determined, Google takes its 32% share and while the amount written in the balance is transferred to your account, there is no deduction other than a deduction that can be made by the bank.

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