What is 99designs? How Does It Work? How To Earn Money with 99designs

July 22, 2021 0 Comments

Thinking of starting your own freelance design business and becoming a 99designs designer?

The average day for a 99designs designer consists of client communication about ongoing projects, browsing the thousands of design competitions available and designing and uploading applications, and answering client questions based on potential clients’ designer profiles.

What is 99designs?

99designs is a design marketplace and as part of a 99 designs contest, designers compete against each other to earn money.

How does 99designs work?

If you’re the artistic, creative type to use image and icon replacement software like Illustrator, Photoshop, 99 designs is one of the best options for monetizing.

It starts with the client ordering a design for any purpose (web logo, branding, packaging, etc.). The customer can then have one or one project.

 If he doesn’t choose the latter, the designers and creators will present the client to consider. It will be decided to compete in customer design.

How Much 99Designs Designers earn?

The 99designs payment package is set up in such a way that you only pay a part of your earnings to the company after your customer pays. This is much better for you because you don’t have to pay upfront with the risk of non-customer payments.

This fee supports website, online marketing and advertising costs, allowing you, as a freelance designer, to reach millions of clients worldwide looking to hire graphic artists.

How Are You Paid? How To Make Money

You can earn money by selling your own designs on 99designs.com.

  • When you win a competition, you get paid for your design when you hand it over to the client.
  • The only person who is paid for the competition is the designer who won the competition and whose design was chosen.
  • All other applicants can withdraw their designs and are free to use their ideas and redesign their logo or any other design to use in a different competition or sell their ideas online.
  • Prize money will be credited to the winner’s account.
  • To withdraw any funds from the site, you must have a minimum balance of $25 in their account.
  • The company sends your payment via PayPal or Payoneer.
How to manage your project on 99designs?

Your project is essentially a 7-day design competition. 99designs is the platform where the contest is run. All interactions are between you and the design freelancers.

99designs Book Cover Tips

  • Decide on your budget for a 99designs contest first
  • Write a specific design brief
  • Prepare copy beforehand
  • Research your niche
  • Put time aside for your design contest
  • Learn the 99designs UI
  • Give feedback to your 99designs contest entrants
  • Expect designs of all standards
  • Give low ratings (At first)
  • Don’t pick winners till the deadline expires
  • Run a poll
  • Get help
  • Be prepared for negative feedback

If you have an artistic mind, 99designs is one of the best places to start your design career. Some competitions can be quite competitive, but if you have a passion for expanding your artistic personality, this platform will get you better (not to mention the earnings from every project completed and competitions won).

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