What is Email Marketing? What Are The Advantages Of Email Marketing?


From the first e-mail sent by Ray Tomlinson until today, e-mail has been used as a very active communication type, especially in the business world. It has become one of the more important methods in these days when everyone is at home and things are done remotely.

E-mail, which is preferred for both bilateral communications and relations between brands and customers, increases its preference due to its easy usability and accessibility.

What is Email Marketing?

When brands and businesses prefer the e-mail method in messages with contents such as product promotion, information, celebration and etc. in order to reach a certain target audience, it is called e-mail marketing.

Email marketing has started to take more place in our lives with web 2.0; It is a more strategic, more up-to-date, more measurable, and more creative communication type compared to the old communication types.

E-mail marketing, which has content such as product promotion, information, celebration and other content in order to reach a certain target audience of brands and businesses, provides an intermediary and direct communication with the target audience and ensures brands receive high conversion.

Creating the right content for the right target audience at the right time indicates the most basic goal of good e-mail marketing. A good strategy realized in this direction provides a very high financial and moral gain to the brands.

So, what are the features that make email marketing so important and preferable? Why do our e-mail boxes come up with unread mails every day? Let’s summarize these features in 6 items;

Lower costs

Digital marketing activities, which require less cost than traditional marketing methods, have become more preferable in recent years. Email marketing, which is one of the sub-breakdowns of digital marketing, is much cheaper than other communication methods. So, email marketing, which is generally used as sales-oriented, has a conversion rate that will balance the budget spending.


In e-mail marketing, brands can categorize their target audience according to certain characteristics (age, education, gender, marital status, geographical region, etc.). Thus, being able to forward e-mails to a specific target increases the conversion rate.


Personalization, one of the most important features of e-mail marketing, enables brands to communicate by addressing people by name.

Short Delivery Time

It is ensured that the message sent in e-mail marketing, which is focused on the target audience, reaches the designated users instantly. The fact that speed is one of the most important competitive advantages today increases the importance of this feature of e-mail.

Easy to Follow and Analysis

Following the communication process in e-mail marketing is much easier than other communication methods. Thanks to the developed sending tools, it is possible to track who opened or deleted the e-mail, and which of them read the mail. This tracking makes it easier for brands to develop strategies, as it can facilitate the analysis of the actions of the messages sent in the process.

When used with other communication strategies, e-mail marketing is one of the most important marketing communication tools of a brand. Correct email marketing is one of the most important factors in the formation of a strong brand identity. You can contact us for the points you wonder about.

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