How To Find A Font From The Text and Picture


When you encounter a font you like but do not know the name of, we have examined the most used font finding methods. Although all of these methods lead us to the same result, we can say that using some of them is much more practical.

If you are a designer, you are examining everything you encounter with perception selectivity, even in your social life. It is not unlikely that sometimes we get caught in a font and say I will do something with it. In just such cases, there are font finding methods developed for designers. We have analyzed all these methods and prepared a list of suggestions from the most popular and practical ones for you.

Finding FONT from a Text – Finding a Font from a Picture

Generally, this is a common problem for those who are graphic artists. You see a beautiful design, you get to work immediately, the moment you change the text on the image, all the magic is broken and you feel that you need to find that font, but you do not know how to find a font from a picture. Here we will show you how to find a font from the text.

For this, we will recommend several websites, one of which you can meet your needs.

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Note: sites usually come across with the fonts you find, and they have prices with them, so when you see the font you are suitable for, you can definitely find it free of charge.

Font Finder App and Plugins for Designers

Most of you have heard of Shazam, when you listen to the music playing in the environment, it finds the name of the track immediately. A similar application was developed for designers and its name is You show the application the font style you want to find and all similar fonts in the archive are listed.

 The application brings out paid and expensive fonts every time you search.

 In this case, you have two options; you will print and get the money or take the name of the font you like and have a free version on different font sites? you will search ..

 You can download the mentioned application to your phone or tablet.

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