How To Make Money With Online Surveys. Online Survey Websites To Earn Money


How To Make Money With Online Surveys

Making money by filling out surveys is among the jobs that people who want to make money online do on the internet.

There are many websites in the category of sites that make money by filling out surveys, but it is not possible to say that all of these sites are reliable and paying sites.

Many sites make it difficult to pay, or by offering very low per-survey fees and setting a high lower limit for making money, making it almost impossible for you to reach that amount. That’s why we have prepared some information about monetization sites by filling out a truly reliable questionnaire in our article.


Toluna, one of the most reliable and high-quality survey filling web sites, is preferred by many as a method of making money by filling out surveys.

Toluna, which has an agreement with large companies to express user opinions about the products and services used, enables its users to earn money or receive some rewards through different surveys and comments.

Most of the time Toluna survey filling web site, makes payments via Paypal method. Apart from this, gift vouchers of Amazon site, which is one of the biggest shopping sites in the world, are also presented to users. When you reach the determined minimum score by collecting the points determined per survey completed, you will be given a $ 15 coupon.

You can also enter the prize draw with your points. The surveys presented on the Toluna survey site take approximately at least 15 minutes.

i-Say (IPSOS)

i-Say (IPSOS) works with research companies as well as many major and trusted brands around the world and is among the largest and best paid survey companies worldwide. On this site, coupons are given for High-street and Amazon sites, as well as awards for all members as a result of special sweepstakes. The withdrawable lower limit for the i-Say (IPSOS) survey filling site is $ 10.

Life Points

Life Points, the survey filling site, is the result of the joining forces of the most popular survey-based web sites in this industry, MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. Questionnaire filling operations are carried out on this site. As with many trusted survey sites, the amount you earn by completing surveys is presented to members via PayPal or as Amazon coupons.

On this site where you can withdraw money with a lower limit of 5 dollars, the surveys you fill out will save you about 1 dollar. Although the survey times filled out for the site are around 15 minutes, if you meet the appropriate conditions, you have the opportunity to earn 3 dollars per hour.

Opinion Outpost

We can say that it is a reliable and solid web site for the site called Opinion Outpost, which is among the survey fill-in money sites. The web site, which makes fast payments, also offers many entertaining surveys.

Thanks to these features, the site has become more popular among other survey filling sites. Optionally, it is possible to receive the prizes you have won on the site as cash or coupons.

You can withdraw money from this site, which usually earns 50 cents per survey, over the lower limit of $ 2.5. In short, after completing 5 questionnaires, you are entitled to receive payment. Many people who want to make money by filling out surveys prefer this site because it has a low withdrawal limit and the transactions are carried out quickly.


ClixSense is among the best money-making survey sites on the internet. In addition to filling out surveys, ClixSense also has the opportunity to earn money through many different ways such as ads, mail reading, and performing tasks. ClixSense, which makes regular and reliable payments, has an important place among survey sites that make money on the internet.

In order to make money by filling out surveys, we have searched for you the most reliable and highest quality survey filling sites by many people. We hope this article we have prepared has been useful for you.


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