What is Cambly? How To Use Cambly. Improve Your English With Cambly


Speaking English Learning Program Cambly

While everything was changing rapidly in the age of technology, it was already time to make radical changes in the understanding of foreign language teaching; just like Cambly, the program for learning English by speaking.

What is Cambly? How To Use Cambly

This system, which allows you to speak English with the other person, obliges you to listen to the other person, understand what you are listening to and express yourself to the other party. This obligation is the most important source of motivation to learn a language. Just like babies having to speak in order to explain their problems and learn their mother tongue with the focus of meeting their needs, or those living abroad have to learn that language in order to manage their daily affairs.

 Features That Make Cambly Different from Its Similar Alternatives

When you want to learn a foreign language, you will encounter hundreds of different programs and applications, paid or free. At first they all seem to teach you that language like floods, but the result is not quite as promised. Cambly, on the other hand, makes success inevitable with its basic education approach, application method and other privileged features. Here are the privileges that make the brand special and successful.

1) 10 minutes free trial lesson

If you are going to pay money and become a member of a system, it is very normal that you want to know that system first. After all, it is your most natural right to know what to pay for. Cambly gives you this right. First you need to download the free Cambly application from a valid email address. Then, by clicking the “Practice English” button, you can join a free 10-minute trial lesson with the code “welp”.

This lesson is not only free, it is very important to gain awareness about the system. It’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with the program, see how the process works, more or less understand the quality of the instructor and see our own level. If you are satisfied, you can register safely without hesitation.

2) You can choose your instructor

There are many instructors in the system. Just below the names of the instructors, there is information about the scores they got as a result of being evaluated out of 5 by other students, whether they are busy and how many minutes they will be busy.

When you click on the instructors, information about each of them, their profile videos, teaching experience, trainings received, interests, languages spoken and working hours is displayed on your screen. You can access this information in more detail with a click.

If you are worried about “How do I choose the most suitable one for me among so many instructors”, don’t worry, there is a solution. If you wish, the filtered list of the most suitable teachers for you is instantly arranged on your screen with the filters in the system.

When choosing your instructor, you can filter according to the following categories.

Teaching Style

  • Kind & patient
  • Fun & gregarious
  • Scholarly & knowledgeable

Lesson Type

  • Pronunciation lessons 
  • Grammer lessons 
  • Lessons for children 
  • Business English 
  • Preparation for TOEFL 
  • Preparation for IELTS 
  • Preparation for TOEIC


  • USA / Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia / New Zealand

3) You can create your own personal schedule

After choosing a teacher, you must first create a program to start classes. As in the traditional foreign language courses, the lessons are not on the days and hours determined by them. You are the boss here. It makes the planning according to you with your instructor; You arrange the lessons according to the time you want, the day and time you are available.

Cambly arranges a flexible weekly schedule for you. It offers 2, 3, 5, 7 days a week and daily 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes lessons. All you have to do is choose what you need on the days you are available.

4) It responds best to your level and needs

Whether you start from scratch or are at the upper grammar level and just want to improve your accent, in this application you will reach teachers who are suitable for all levels and meet your educational needs in the best way. You can either prepare for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, study business English or have daily conversations about the agenda with your instructor.

You can plan what to talk to your instructor in advance, and you can choose topics from the following categories Cambly has created for you.

  • Business
  • World developments
  • Fun and life
  • Science and technology
  • Sport
  • Language and culture

5) Record your lessons and watch them over and over again

After choosing your instructor and creating your program, you can practice English online with video chat. The videos of the lessons are saved in the system and you can reinforce the subject by accessing them at any time and watching them over and over again.

6) You can instantly translate while chatting.

In online conversations, you have a native English speaker. In this case, it is very normal to have words that you hear during the conversation but do not know the meaning or you want to say but do not remember. However, confusing the dictionary during the conversation will disturb the naturalness of the job.

Cambly has brought a professional solution to this situation with instant translation. You can look up the meaning of the word you want with instant translation without disrupting the naturalness of the conversation and without leaving the already open chat screen.

7) It gives you a training certificate

Do you need a certificate to certify your English proficiency? It’s easy too. After 10 hours of private lessons at Cambly, every student can receive a Special English Learning Certificate.

8) Different membership options are available

There are different subscription options for 1 month, 3 months and 12 months according to the needs. Those who wish receive a long-term training after receiving 1 month of membership and are satisfied, and those who wish to take lessons periodically at intervals of 3 months, prefer the 12-month economic package.

Are you waiting to go abroad to learn English or you save the money to go abroad? You can wait longer or instead, save both money and time and become a member of Cambly, the English learning program. So you can easily improve your English with Cambly.

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