How To Make Money By Selling Your Photos Online. Earn Money Online As a Beginner Photographer


If you like to take photos or draw images through Photoshop or illustrator, the online photo sale business is perfect for you.

In this post, we will mention about how to earn money online by selling your photos.

Previously, only professionals and connected people were selling photos and images. But now, with the help of the internet, and especially with the help of intermediaries such as microstocks and macrostocks, anyone who meets the quality standards of online stock photography sites can sell photos and images.

What is Stock Photography?

Are you a photographer?

So how about turning your passion for photography into profit?

If your answer is positive, let’s introduce you to stock photography. In this article, you will learn how to make money by selling your photos online.

Stock photography refers to the sale of photos that are copyrighted and stored (stocked) from the photographer for a fee, to users looking for images.

In our article, we will include information about successful in stock photography and making money, sample images of names who have leveled up in stock photography and valuable advice from these names for new entrants in the sector.

Start reading our comprehensive guide to where, how or to whom to sell your stock photos and which photos are best for sale.

  • Focus on the Advantages of Stock Photography.

there may be many questions that prick your mind.

The most common question among these questions is the following: “Am I good enough?”

In traditional photography, you have to go through a protracted apprenticeship period before you can acquire solid clients. It is cooked thoroughly with years of experience; You reach a level where you can compete with established professionals with strong and impressive portfolios.

However, stock photography offers you the opportunity to compete on equal terms. In stock photography, you can compete with professional photographers regardless of your experience and portfolio, and even sell despite their strong presence in the industry.

So, on the other side of the coin is the possibility to start making money from the very beginning, something that traditional photography does not offer, while the experience part depends on your ability to absorb the rejection responses you will receive at the initial stage. Stable, you don’t give up; you can learn different things from each experience.

So according to Foap the first step to being successful in this business should be to develop a stock photography mindset and focus on the pros.

  • Learn From Others Without Falling Into The Trap Of Comparison or Cheating

Scrutinizing images from different photographers is a good way to learn something about photography. However, you should avoid making these two mistakes that many photographers often fall for:

  • You shouldn’t be discouraged by the quality of the images you see in professional photographers’ portfolios.
  • You should not attempt to copy other people’s work. You may think that by copying other people’s work, you can easily achieve success as if you were pulling a piece of butter. However, you are wrong. Contrary to popular belief, this is a situation that you can easily get into trouble.

After all the quality content you have seen, it is natural for you to submit to your destiny and feel defeated before you get into the race. However, before you despair, you should remember this fact: These photographers are professionals, and because they know what they are doing, they can create stunning images.

It may not be that easy for someone of your level to take pictures with the same image quality. Don’t get me wrong, we have no doubt about your talent. However, when it comes to photography, as in any job, experience speaks and what you call experience does not happen overnight.

However, as you improve, you begin to take even better photos, and no photo you take is like the last. You see, what you need to do is to be inspired by the work of successful photographers, not to replicate them.

You don’t need to be the world’s best photographer to do stock photography anyway. Although most stock photographers have half the talent of yours, they can take quality shots and have more than 1000 images in their portfolio.

In summary, you should pay close attention to the following three points:

  • Knowing the reasons for refusal
  • To undertake comprehensive research and
  • Taking shots where you can show your own style

Another important factor affecting the success in stock photography is choosing the right platform for photo sales.

  • Determine the Best Platform for Your Photos

Before you apply to any of the stock photography websites to publish your photos, you should evaluate your chosen platform against the following criteria:

  • Commission rate
  • Accessibility
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of searching and purchasing images
  • The target audience (customers) of the platform.
  • Platform’s search functions and global upload speed

Stock sites are notorious for their rigor in sharing profits. The number of websites offering a 30 percent commission rate to photographers is not at all –even 33 percent for Adobe Stock – and it is a fact that this rate is unacceptable given the long term.

You should aim for a 40% commission rate in the process of selling your stock photos to the best platforms.

Most sites offer a progressive commission rate; In other words, the moment you sell X amount of photos or have an X percent approval rate, you can sell with a much higher commission rate than the initial stage.

Some sites offer the photographer the opportunity to customize their services. However, experience is essential for this. As a newcomer to this business, our only option is to be patient and wait for the day you reach the cream layer.

In our article, you learned how to make money by selling your photos online.

Thank you very much for reading!


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