How To Make a Slide? The Best Presentation Softwares


How to make a slide? The best slide shows

By improving your slide making skills, you can better communicate your data to a community or institution. How to make a slide? What are slide shows? Which is the best slide show in 2020? We are here for you with the Slide Preparation Guide for the answer to all these questions.

How to make a slide? – Slide Preparation Guide

One of the basic requirements of preparing a presentation is to develop research techniques. You can prepare your slide content by using search engines such as DuckduckGo, Yandex and Google. Then follow the steps below if you will be using Microsoft PowerPoint.

After opening the program, click on the File tab in the black box. Then use the area inside the green box to choose the theme you want to use.

After determining the theme you will use, how to make a slide? You complete the first stage in the section. You can quickly access many options such as photo, video, music, infographic, table by clicking the Insert tab in the blue box.

To add a new page to the slide, right click on the page on the left and click New Slide option. After adding a new page, you can choose a page design other than your template on the Design tab.

You can quickly change the layout of the page thanks to the Layout option located under the New Slide option. In this way, you can place the materials you will use in a more orderly way and customize your description lines faster.

Apart from the basic operations, you can start creating your content after determining the page number and layout according to the materials you want to use in your presentation. Apart from PowerPoint, you can quickly prepare slides with Google Slides. So how is the slide made? We have answered the question.

Slide Show – Which is the best slide show?

Although Microsoft PowerPoint comes to mind when it comes to making slides, there are several alternatives. Google Slides, which offers the possibility to prepare slides completely on the internet without installing any software, is very popular recently. In addition, you can quickly complete the slide preparation stages with programs such as Google Slides, Apple Keynote, Slidedog and Visme. You can also take advantage of websites like Prezi, Zoho, and Clideo.

Which is the best slideshow program? Because of the habits that have been going on for years, this question is often given the PowerPoint answer. However, Google Slides and Apple Keynote for Mac users stand out for their innovative features.

If you do not have a Microsoft Office license, choosing Google Slides as an alternative will provide many advantages. Since Google Slides is a free feature and is actively used by many people, it has more advantages over Office products.

What are the tricks of preparing a slide?

The most important thing to do while preparing a slide is to give importance to visuality. You should add the infographic, graphic and diverse photos you find on the subject you researched to the slide in a way that will not bore the audience.

If you do not have a specific time frame for your presentation, you should calculate the number of pages of the slide according to the depth of the subject you are researching and set a certain time for each page. In addition, determining your slide theme according to the subject to be told will enable the audience to concentrate on the slide screen better.

If you are using PowerPoint or similar slide making program, you need to pay attention to which version you have on the computer you will present. Otherwise, you may have problems with the slide. For this reason, we recommend that you use slide preparation sites that are accessible from anywhere.

While the slide duration varies according to the work to be done, an average of 20 minutes will be good for both the audience and you.

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