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10 Different Online Tools for Creating Interactive Quizzes

The easiest way to determine the subjects that our students do not understand is to create exams suitable for the acquisitions of the subject. With the feedback we receive from the exams, we get an idea about how much the gains related to our lesson are realized. We can determine whether our students can understand the subject or not.

We try not to reach the target gains by changing our course strategy, method and technique according to the situation. The development of digital technologies used in the education world enables teachers to transfer the exams in their archives to the digital environment. Depending on these developments, we see that interactive test and quiz preparation applications have started to be used widely in recent years.

These quizzes, which are transferred to digital media, can be shared with students thanks to the digital tools used. Exam results of students can be reported and most importantly, analysis can be made based on questions.

When we think that we organize quizzes with online quiz preparation programs at the end of the subject, the importance of these digital tools we share becomes clear.

Since we think that quiz preparation programs and digital technologies that are beneficial in terms of practicality and usefulness will ease the work of teachers, we would like to introduce you to 10 different interactive test and exam preparation applications useful for teachers in this article. The applications we will mention below are the ones that started to be at the top of the list of innovative applications in education.

Online Quiz preparation programs:

1. Socrative: It is a very useful interactive test and exam preparation application that is compatible with PC and mobile devices and that you can use interactively with your students.

2. Testmoz: Thanks to the application with a simple interface, you can create detailed reports about the exam you have prepared.

3. ThatQuiz: It is an application that allows you to create interactive tests in the fields of science, mathematics and social studies with Turkish language options.

4. Edmodo: With this application, which is compatible with PC and mobile devices, you can prepare exams in a simple way thanks to the passwords you create for your students.

5. Quizlet: You can use a variety of tools to overcome any difficulties you want, from cards that help you learn English to games that make history easier to understand.

6. Polleverywhere: It is an interactive test application that you can mostly use as a survey application.

7. Google Drive: You can prepare very useful quizzes and surveys using Google forms.

8. Examtime: A site that allows you to create free interactive tests, mind maps and flash cards.

9. Quizrevolution: It is possible to prepare online quizzes in a short time. You can also share your quizzes on Facebook. However, the premium version of the application is paid.

10. Considering that we are organizing quizzes with this online quiz maker that acts with the slogan of Kahoot: Make learning enjoyable, we can say that this slogan is the best slogan to be worthy of practice. You can be sure that students will have fun solving the questions you have prepared.

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