How To Make Money as a Translator. Translation Jobs From Home

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How To Make Money as a Translator

You can make money by translating over the internet……

The Internet often takes up most of our time and almost everyone is online; There is still a need for people working on the internet with great translation skills.

The automatic translation services that could be used still produce pretty dire results; So if you have a good command of more than one language, you can use this ability to earn income over the internet. Translation is a great way to make money as a freelancer, and in this post, we’ll show you how.

English is one of the most used languages on the internet; However, not everyone is good at communicating in a second language. Again, this means that there is a need for people who can translate from French to English and from English to French.

Speaking German and Spanish is also important and an advantage, although not as much as English. But the truth is: A language you have a good command of can earn you a job, such as Chinese, Japanese or one of the European languages.

Translation jobs on the internet

Sites such as,, and all have the same working logic as Fiverr

It is possible to start offering jobs for $ 5 on these sites, and all of them have “Writing and Communication” sections where people can present their editing and translation jobs. There are also “Creative Writing” jobs.

Fiverr allows you to become a member in 5 minutes and start making money online. In this way, Fiverr offers you the chance to make money by translating over the internet – unlike other sites.

It is convenient for you to open an account on Fiverr or any other site where you have jobs like on Fiverr to start making money. The membership process is standard on almost all sites.

Just click the “Register” button and fill in the required information on the resulting form, almost effortless. Once you become a member, you are ready to start. Start by creating the “service” you want to offer.

For example, if you are going to provide translation services, you can easily create a “job” from the “Spelling and Translation” section.

In the “job posting” you must indicate which languages you are translating and a job fee. A job can be in the form of $ 5 for 500 words.

Once your business is approved, buyers can contact you to take advantage of your services, or you can try the “Offer to Buyers” feature.

What ensures that you can get a lot of work?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this, it depends on several factors: the number of vendors providing the same services as you, how widespread the language you serve, as well as other factors such as your personal introduction and / or promotional video of your services affect your ability to do a lot of work.

How much can I earn?

Everything primarily depends on how much other people need your service; Secondly, it depends on the time and effort you put into this job. If you are proficient in English or German, you can write fast, you can earn enough money for yourself.

You should also consider this: if you’re dreaming of becoming a millionaire, Fiverr might not be the place for you. On the other hand, if you like to write or translate and want to spend your free time like that, why not make money doing your favorite job?

The cost of a standard job is $ 5. Signing up on Fiverr is free, but Fiverr gets 20% of every amount you earn on Fiverr as a share. For example, 4 $ of every $ 5 you earn on Fiverr is left to you.

Fiverr allows you to charge additional fees on large translation or “1-day-delivery” projects. While 500 words of a job is $ 5, you can make 1100 words for only $ 10; Thus, your customer will be satisfied with 100 words for free.

Sometimes people urgently need to get a job done and they are willing to pay extra for this “fast delivery service”, which can give you an extra 5 to 10 bucks – if you are eligible to do the job.

Some platforms require that you have a PayPal account to withdraw your earnings. PayPal is a free and secure online payment system that allows you to transfer your money to your bank account. If your country doesn’t support PayPal, send us a message so we can help you with that.

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