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Learning to program is not as difficult as it used to be. There are many resources available on the internet. But beyond resources, the existence of platforms that teach directly by coding and support with videos; makes it easier for those who want to learn programming by themselves. Here are the best websites for that.

Are you eager for a quick introduction to the world of programming but undecided about what your learning strategy should look like? Or do you want to learn programming as a hobby in addition to your job? If you’re wondering how to learn programming, Programming School is the right place!

In this guide you will discover how to learn programming, “Which programming language should be learned first?” You will find answers to questions such as.

First of all, remember this: Like any new thing you learn, learning programming takes patience and time. You may also not want to work in IT full time. Remember, it is also a good choice to do freelance jobs to earn money online, not sticking to a specific job.

Definition of Coding

The word “programming” has become a click trap, everyone uses it. So how to learn programming? What does it mean to be a programmer? How long does it take to learn programming? What are your goals, responsibilities and duties?

In the most general sense, programming is to instruct the computer to perform certain commands. From an entertainment perspective, programming allows you to make desktop or mobile games. If you successfully achieve the goal of how to learn programming, you can turn a good idea into a million dollar application.

So how long does it take to learn to code? If you intend to learn programming concepts in your spare time, you should look for the most exciting and satisfying option.

The learning process consists of two main parts: Learning technical information and practicing coding. So you should spend time with books and code editors until you feel confident enough to start original projects.

In addition to all of these, the time you spend to master programming may vary depending on the language you decide to learn. This is so normal. Some programming languages ​​have more comprehensive concepts, while others are more suitable for beginners.

How to Learn Programming? Programming School is going to help you

Since you want to learn programming in your spare time, you are probably looking for the most efficient training path. Before moving on to lessons or other learning materials, it is recommended to clearly plan what you want to achieve. Here are some goals that will affect the answer to the question of which programming language to learn first:

  • Developing and maintaining websites. To create interactive and dynamic sites, you need to be familiar with web engineering and web content development concepts. This includes managing the front-end and back-end sections of the sites.
  • Machine learning. To design machine learning algorithms, you must choose a language that will help you reach your desires.
  • Relational database management. You may want to change the structure of databases and work closely with the data they store.
  • Desktop, server and mobile applications development.

Of course, these lead to interpretations: “I know my goal, but how to learn programming to achieve it?”  You will learn a lot of new things, from the easiest programming languages to master to programming languages that take more time.

Remember; You should start by learning a programming language that will make it easy to reach your desires. Otherwise, learning will become a burden and you will find yourself spending leisure time on other activities.

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