How To Get Free Traffic From Quora. How To Use Quora To Drive Traffic

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Getting Traffic From Quora

Quora is a Q&A platform where content is community-provided, edited, and moderated. People ask questions for which they want specific answers, and countless casual Quora users or industry experts can step in.

If people like an answer, they can upvote the answer and help push the author’s post to the top of a thread. Similarly, downvotes help deal with spam or bad replies. Users can also report replies or suggest edits for the author.

Ultimately, Quora is pretty similar to Reddit in some ways, and quality is key to finding success on the platform.

Some of the most popular topics on Quora include:

  • Music (29.8M followers, 207K questions asked).
  • Writing (13.1 million followers, 116k questions asked).
  • Finance (10.2M followers, 126k questions asked).
  • Computer Science (6.2 million followers, 64k questions asked)
  • Healthy Eating (5.6 million followers, 63k questions asked).

Why Should You Include Quora in Your Marketing Mix?

Quality content is king. Fortunately, Quora also acknowledges this fact and empowers users to vote for quality answers at the top of the results page.

Considering Quora has almost 200 million unique monthly users, it’s actually unbelievable that the platform has done such a great job maintaining this standard of quality.

Because you’re creating incredible blog content that adds value to your already existing audience, it makes great sense to share that content with a similar but currently untouched audience, which will also value your opinions.

Ultimately, by marketing on Quora, you can put your ideas, expertise, and helpful resources to work helping people who are actively seeking solutions in your field.

Creating a Quora Profile – Think LinkedIn but Better

If you want to assert your expertise on a specific Quora-related niche or topic, you need to create a professional Quora profile.

Your Quora profile is the face of your marketing efforts on the platform. Even if your space is limited, you can leverage the information people see to drive qualified traffic to your blog or business.

Some critical elements to consider are on Quora

  • Your blog URL has to appear next to your name. When people see your replies, they will also see your blog.
  • You have to explain what your interests are and what value you will provide to readers.
  • You should link to some of your top posts and other platforms where people can find/reach you.
  • You need to include credentials related to the subjects for which you answer questions (mostly marketing, SEO and passive income).
  • You have to use your real name – Quora really doesn’t like aliases and wants you to sign up with your real name or remain anonymous.

Work Smart. Finding Your Quora Niche is Not Hard.

There are many Quora marketing guides out there that summarize the general idea behind how to promote your blog or business on Quora. However, many fall short because they don’t outline efficient ways to use the platform.

I didn’t get any results in the first month I answered Quora questions. I would answer questions and interact with the community, but my referral traffic was sluggish.

Most guides advise you to:

  • Follow the most popular topics in your niche.
  • Follow the main influencers and industry experts in your niche.

Search for your area of expertise and examine what people want to understand the core of the niche. However, please do not answer questions that appear on your home page. The questions that appear on your homepage are usually newly asked questions. This means that they will have low views, few followers, and uninteresting.

If you want to save time and market efficiently on Quora, you need to find hot and trending questions.

You learned how to use Quora to drive traffic in this article. I hope this is helpful to you. Thank you for your time!

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