How To Earn Money on YouTube. Requirements To Make Money From YouTube

February 3, 2022 0 Comments

YouTube, a common video sharing site, continues to spread rapidly all over the world. With the YouTube application, we can access any video we want for free. When we are bored, we can enter this site and benefit from many videos such as movies, videos, songs.

In addition to watching movies on YouTube, which came into our lives in 2005, you can also earn money by opening a channel. Citizens want to know about making money on YouTube. We will cover this topic in detail on YouTube monetization.


People who want to make this situation more profitable while having fun on YouTube, ask questions about the conditions of monetization on YouTube. Here are the YouTube monetization terms:

  • One of the first and most important conditions to earn money from YouTube is that the channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Your videos must have 10000 channel views.
  • Finally, having 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months is one of the most basic monetization conditions. 

You can earn money when these conditions are met.


  1. First, log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Then go to Creator Studio.
  3. Then select “Channel-Status and Properties” from the left menu here.
  4. After you have done this, click Activate under “Monetization”.
  5. Complete your application after following the steps shown on the screen that appears. After you enable monetization, you can now upload your videos and earn a certain number of views and subscribers.


To enable monetization on YouTube, you must first log into your YouTube account. Then select the videos option from the menu on the left. Then select the video for which you want to enable monetization.

Click the gray box to the left of the thumbnail of your videos for which you want to enable monetization. Then click on the edit drop-down list in the black bar at the top of your video list, and then click on the option that says monetization. This way you enable YouTube monetization.

Essentiality of Content

  • Add content. Try to upload high quality and not too long content (this option may vary depending on what type of content you decide to upload). Also, try to upload regularly and be consistent in your uploads.
  • Even if your content isn’t great at first, keep going. Practice makes perfect. Try to make each video better than the previous one. Most of the time you will learn as you do this.
  • Enhance your content by using a better camera or better editing software or techniques. Also, try to improve your shooting style. Use a tripod, find a friend to assist you, or better illuminate your scenes. Everything helps you get a better product, which in turn gains a better audience. If you don’t want to buy bright white lights, you can sit on a sunny windowsill or shoot outside.
  • Uploading regularly can help you retain your audience. If you add content on a regular schedule and stick to that schedule as much as possible, users will be more likely to subscribe to your channel.
  • Make sure to tag your videos with keywords that describe the content and add an eye-catching description. These help direct people from YouTube searches to your video.
  • Gain an audience. Building an audience is key to increasing your monetization. To monetize ads, you need users to watch them. There’s no secret to gaining more subscribers, you just have to create the best content you can and viewers will come to you.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Engage your audience by responding to comments and occasionally making videos that are directly relevant to viewer comments and questions. Connecting with your community will bring more members to that community. Sending greetings or thanks to people in their broadcasts is a pretty good and simple way to do this.


Recently, making money on YouTube has become a popular profession. You can earn money by producing content and uploading videos. The first requirement to make money on YouTube is to have an average of 1000 views. This varies between 0.5-2 dollars depending on the target audience and location.

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