What is Work and Travel? Advantages of Work and Travel Program


What is Work and Travel?

Work and Travel is a student cultural exchange program conducted under the control of the American government, where university students from different parts of the world have the opportunity to work in USA and improve their English during their summer holidays, and to get to know the world and different cultures.

With Work and Travel, it is a program that allows you to live and understand USA not like a tourist, but like someone, and while doing this, you can meet your travel expenses and return with some money.

Work and Travel is a program that is understood correctly and turns into a unique opportunity if used correctly.

Work and Travel is an important experience. Danny Travel says that every university student should experience at least once. It will save you a lot!

Work and Travel offers you an unforgettable adventure and introduces you to life. Perhaps for the first time with WAT, you will travel abroad alone, you will have a job, a boss and a shift for the first time, you will try to survive with the money you earn for the first time, and you will have to face many problems that you have to face in real life as a responsibility and initiative.

This program gives you the opportunity to gain personal development and self-confidence that has no alternative.

You will be able to earn an average of 900-1,500 USD per month and cover your living and travel expenses required for the program. You will be able to see and travel a country like USA, which everyone dreams of, by meeting your expenses.

You will have the opportunity to work and vacation at the same time, and you will not be a burden to anyone while doing all these. At the end of the program, you will return to your country with a lifetime of experience and knowledge.

During the 4 months you stay in USA, you will have the opportunity to improve your English and practice in daily life. As you speak English, your confidence in your foreign language will increase and you will still be able to express yourself in English in any environment. Thanks to this confidence, your practical skills will increase and your fear of foreign languages ​​will disappear.

You will gain knowledge for your forward career. This accumulation will enable you to be a few steps ahead of your competitors in many areas in the future in terms of both financial and experience. You will gain work experience abroad and thus add new value to your CV.

Think about it, there will be names and references of American companies that you worked with on your CV when you were a student! This is indeed a very important advantage.

You will have the opportunity to meet and get to know the cultural exchange students of both American culture and other countries, and you will also have the opportunity to introduce your own culture to them – by working, you will get used to standing on your own feet and have a more objective view of life.

While enjoying the pleasure of “being roasted with your own oil”, you will be able to realize a number of projects without the help of others. You will take on a number of responsibilities on your own and be able to make decisions freely.

You will be able to search more closely for education, scholarship and internship opportunities abroad and find a suitable university or workplace and visit them on-site and evaluate all opportunities with your own eyes. You will have the opportunity to meet face to face with faculty and employers and you will find the opportunity to express yourself.

By participating in the Work and Travel program, you will find yourself in a new and exciting experience and will have the opportunity to develop your skills in this direction in our world where different cultures are getting closer at every moment.

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