What is WebMoney? How To Use WebMoney


In this article, We’ll talk about what WebMoney is and how use it.

What is WebMoney?

WebMoney is a virtual wallet that you can use on most contracted sites on the Internet. WebMoney company is an electronic money business founded by Russians in 1998. Since its establishment, WebMoney has reached a large audience of 36 million users. It makes money transfers with a low commission fee of 0.8% and makes our daily life much easier.

The system is a very safe system. Because if you enter the site and become a member, you may encounter security questions frequently. Recently, sites selling Internet goods or services have started to establish agreements with WebMoney in line with the demands of their customers. It is a preferable system with its tight security and easy money transfer structure.

How to use WebMoney

There are videos prepared by WebMoney on the Internet about how to use WebMoney. Because the way of use is very difficult for us. Since the site is half English and half Russian, minor problems may be encountered in the usage section. When you enter the WebMoney wallet section, it asks you how you want to make your payment. From here, you can first choose the wallet types offered by WebMoney and continue your transaction. WebMoney offers multiple wallet types. These types are as follows:

WMR: Bank check (Russian ruble)

WME: Euro electronic money

WMB: Belarusian ruble electronic money

WMG: Gold Account

WMZ: US Dollar

WMU: Ukrainian hryvnia

WMV: Vietnamese dong electronic money

WMX  Bitcoin

WMH: Bitcoincash

WML: Litecoin

There are symbols besides the types on the site, you can understand which of these symbols is. There are eleven varieties of wallet from Bitcoin to Russian rubles. You can continue by choosing the one you want. You can then choose whether your payment method is cash, debit card, bank account or electronic money. After loading your money into your virtual wallet, you can easily use your money for a small commission on all websites that have agreements with WebMoney.

Why should I choose WebMoney?

I can easily say that WebMoney is one of the most comfortably used virtual wallets in our country. Therefore, it will be very easy to guess the answer to this question. In addition to the commission advantage, another convenience is the convenience of transferring money. It is one of the money transfer vehicles that has the most physical contracted institutions in our country. Thus, WebMoney has become more preferable compared to other payment tools.

In short, if we are to collect our article, we would like to state that WebMoney is a virtual wallet that charges less commissions, easy to use and fast, where we can easily deposit money from most places in our country. After reading this article, we hope you understand what WebMoney means.

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