What is Tumblr? How To Use Tumblr


What is Tumblr, How is it used?

What Tumblr is and how to put it, the answer to all your questions is in this article. Tumblr, which entered our lives in 2007, is actually a micro blog site. It is possible to share the articles you wrote or the good memories you took using Tumblr with your followers. In this article, we discussed how Tumblr is used for you.

How To Become A Tumblr Member

It is actually very easy to become a member of Tumblr. The first thing you should do is download the Tumblr app on your device or enter the Tumblr page using the search engine. Then you will see the “Sign In” and “Register” option on the screen that will appear in front of you. Since we will be registering a new one, we continue by selecting the ‘Register’ option.

Then just fill in the information on the screen. Unlike other apps, features such as the Facebook sign-up feature are unfortunately not available on Tumblr. But you can easily register with your e-mail. We will now explain the question of what is Tumblr in detail.

How to Use Tumblr

Using Tumblr is actually pretty simple. In order to start using it, you must first be a member. You can easily become a member with your e-mail. After becoming a member, a creative process awaits you. Because Tumblr users use their URLs with creative names. It’s easy to grab the attention of other Tumblr users with this creative URL. After a creative URL selection, you need to roll up your sleeves to edit your profile.

Because you can edit your Tumblr page however you want. You can choose the background you want and even add music to your page. In this way, other users who enter your page will listen to the music you have chosen while browsing on your page. Instead of choosing a background for your blog, you can also use free themes designed by Tumblr.

In short, Tumblr has many options for you to reflect your inner world. For this reason, it appears as a social media application preferred by many users.

What is Shared on Tumblr?

The biggest reason why Tumblr is much more useful than other social media applications is that you can share whatever you want. Either share audio files or gifs you made yourself. In fact, if you want, publish your novel or essay chapter by chapter on your page.

Tumblr has left you quite free in this regard. In addition to all these, if you wish, you can also ask “Anonymous” questions about you. You can turn off this question section if you wish, or you can only ask users who are no longer anonymous. As we explained above, Tumblr is actually a media that includes all social media applications. Tumblr has all the features found in other applications, be it the ability to ask questions or to share Gifs.

How to Change Tumblr Theme

As mentioned above, Tumblr has left endless space for its users to edit their blogs. Users also use this area according to their wishes. As it is known, people who are famous on Tumblr are called ‘Tumblr Girl or Tumblr Boy’. The authenticity of their accounts is as important as the posts they share. For this reason, if you want to be famous on Tumblr, you need to choose your theme very well. At first, it is possible to make a difference by using the free themes available on Tumblr. To be able to change the theme, log in to your account first. Then click the pencil icon in the upper right corner. Select the ‘Edit View’ option in the top name of the window that opens.

A page will appear showing Tumblr view settings and click on the ‘Edit Theme’ section on this page. To change our theme, just click on the ‘Browse Themes’ link. It is possible to choose the theme you want from this section. But first, it will be enough to start with free themes. For this reason, you can browse the themes by clicking the “Free Themes” option. While viewing the themes, we have a preview button to show how they will appear on your page. With this option, you can design your page as you imagine. We told you in detail what Tumblr is and how to use it, stay tuned!

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