What is Booking.com? How Does It Work?


What is Booking (Booking.com)?

With Booking or its well-known service, Booking.com is an online booking website and an online travel agency based in the Netherlands. Booking.com, where you can make reservations for hotels and touristic facilities around the world, also has the ability to comment and give points for facilities. In this way, it is inevitable that you will receive better quality, cheaper and more accurate service.

What are Booking Services?

Booking services include main topics such as accommodation reservations, flight search, finding a car rental service, learning touristic spots or in a sense, an online tourist guide, airport taxis. Apart from these, all the details you can have an idea about a hotel, online booking and payment transactions are also among the Booking services.

Booking – How to Use It? How to Rent a House and Hotel?

In this blog, we will provide you with information on how to use the Booking platform and how the system works, as well as how to avoid general concerns that may arise with significant differences between Booking and Airbnb.

 We receive many questions and complaints about Booking.com, one of the most active members of short-term rental platforms. We think that the negative experiences experienced can be reduced with this blog post.

Booking General Statistics

Booking offers a total of 1.5 million postings (hotels, pensions, etc.), of which 831,000 are short-term rentals. While Booking.com lists entire homes, Airbnb also lists shared and private rooms. While Airbnb lists 3 million ads, approximately 50% of these postings are all homes. It offers approximately 1.8 times more short-term house rental opportunity when compared.

An average of 5 million rentals per day are made in Booking. 547.5 million reservations were made in 2016. (According to Priceline) 10 times more rentals were made with Booking than Airbnb, compared to the 52 million nights booked on Airbnb in 2016. According to calculations, the number of nights booked is over 1 billion this year.

How to Book as a Guest with Booking?

What you need to consider when choosing a hotel or apartment when booking with Booking:

  • Price – The lower the price, of course, the more enjoyable it will be for you.
  • Rating from previous guests – the higher the score on a 10-point scale, the better.
  • Accommodation location – depending on the purpose of your trip, you may need a different location.

For example, if your goal is to get to know the city, it is better to choose accommodation in the city center without using taxis or public transport. Staying in the city center is pointless if you are staying in the city for only one night, using the car or public transportation.

On the left side of the Booking page there are search options (“filter”) you can set, narrowing the number of options available to you. Here you can choose the type of accommodation you want (hotel, apartment, hostel, etc.), parking, breakfast, 24-hour reception, free cancellation and many more.

Each time you add the filter, the list of search options will be updated automatically, and when you add the latest filter, you will have the last list of accommodation matching your parameters specified on the page.

After that, you should only choose the most suitable accommodation from the final list. Click Here To Get The Benefits of Booking. 

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