The Advantages & Disadvantages of The Internet

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You know, internet is as important as eating and drinking today. we can not imagine a world without the internet anymore!

In this article I would like to talk about the benefits and harms of the internet.

The benefits of the internet for beginners or those who say “what is internet useful”:

The Advantages & Disadvantages of The Internet:


The Internet or the World Wide Web is indeed a wonderful and amazing addition in our lives. The Internet can be known as a kind of global meeting place where people from all parts of the world can come together. It is a service available on the computer, through which everything under the sun is now at the fingertips of anyone who has access to the Internet.

To get ‘online’, meaning to connect to the Internet, you need to have:

  • A Computer: Computer equipment is a sizeable investment and thus you should select a computer carefully. Before buying a computer, understand your needs and then choose one accordingly. See that it comes with a warranty and that after sales service is available in case you need it.
  • Internet Service Provider: This is the software that you will require to get online. You can now choose from a dial-up service or 24-hour broadband services. This is the service that will help you to connect to the Internet and start your surfing experiences.
  • Before the Internet came into existence, to communicate with someone who isn’t in the same room as you, you would have to call them on a phone. Or if you wanted to send them a note you had to send a letter through snail mail. With the introduction of the Internet, we now have the ability to send and receive messages through electronic mail- virtually instantaneously and without the need of a postage stamp.
  • With the Internet came the convenience of online shopping. Rather than having to drive to a mall and wait in long lines to make a purchase, you can now do all of your shopping with a few clicks of the mouse. In addition, the Internet made it easier for individuals to price compare between different online retailers to see which one offers the best selections and prices.
  • Nowadays, online banking is practically the norm. You log into your online accounts to pay bills, transfer funds, or just to check your balance. Prior to online banking, you would have to drive to your local bank and wait in line for the next teller to have your transactions completed. With the Internet, you can avoid the line all together simply by remotely logging into your account on your computer and completing your transaction from there any time of day or night.

Disadvantages of the Internet


There are certain cons and dangers relating to the use of Internet that can be summarized as:

  • Personal Information: If you use the Internet, your personal information such as your name, address, etc. can be accessed by other people. If you use a credit card to shop online, then your credit card information can also be ‘stolen’ which could be akin to giving someone a blank check.
  • Pornography: This is a very serious issue concerning the Internet, especially when it comes to young children. There are thousands of pornographic sites on the Internet that can be easily found and can be a detriment to letting children use the Internet.
  • Spamming: This refers to sending unsolicited e-mails in bulk, which serve no purpose and unnecessarily clog up the entire system.
  • There is a lot of wrong information on the internet. Anyone can post anything, and much of it is garbage.
  • Pornography that can get in the hands of young children too easily.
  • There are predators that hang out on the internet waiting to get unsuspecting people in dangerous situations.
  • Some people are getting addicted to the internet and thus causing problems with their interactions of friends and loved ones.
  • Easy to waste a lot of time on the internet. You can start surfing, and then realize far more time has passed than you realized. Internet and television together of added to the more sedentary lifestyles of people which further exacerbates the obesity problem.

So we need to take advantages of everything as normal as we can do. I mean “excessive amount of everything is harmful”


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