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There are many people who want to get rid of the world order we live in and the borders dictated by it and live an alternative life. Some people dream of traveling, some people have a quiet life in seclusion, some people are at home with their family.

Although everyone’s dream is different, they all unite on the principle of getting rid of the offices that restrict the freedom of movement and earning the money that will somehow turn your life while managing your own time. We wanted to explain the smart and halal ways to make money online and show that there are ways to make dreams possible.

Is Making Money Online for You? What Can You Expect?

Before you start; In order not to disappoint, we would like to clarify one thing:

It is not a suitable way for those who want to become rich by working hard. It is also not suitable for those who only want to work less. Let me underline this. Conversely, because you have your own business, you will likely work much harder than in your paid career. Just because it’s done online doesn’t mean it’s not serious.

Things like a business calendar that you have to follow closely, customer satisfaction that should be considered very important, and business follow-up are also valid for online businesses.

The only difference is that it gives you the freedom of space and time, which in our opinion is a great achievement and a factor that removes many obstacles to dreams.

  • Fiverr – Sell service or redeem talent

You can sell your skills online as a service. What could these services be? What you can sell is limited only by how creative you are. Do you write good text? Write text on the order. Do you know Photoshop, design a logo, do you have a foreign language, translate, if you are a lawyer, sell legal advice.

Even if you are not confident about anything, there is a lot you can sell: The service you sell can be as simple as going to a place and saying a slogan that the orderer wants and filming it. You set your own price. Since is a site that serves the whole world, its earnings may be more attractive, but you must know English.

  • Twentify – Be the eyes and ears of companies

This is the cleanest because you don’t have to wait for someone to apply for your job posting, you just aspire to the available jobs. So at the end of the day, what goes into your pocket is under your control. First of all, Twentify is a phone app unlike the others.

Let’s explain how it works with an example: For example, a GSM company enters the campaign and wants a poster about it to be hung on the glass above the door at eye level in all its branches in the country.

If it is agreed with a company to check that it is done correctly, it costs a lot. Sending an inspection team to every branch in every province is a big operation. Instead, they trust you.

What is expected of you is to go to one of the branches in the advertisements and meet the service they need. These can be things like mystery shopper, store inspection, customer collection. You see simple job postings like this from the app.

  • Getty Images, ISTOCK, Shutter Stock – Put the photos and videos you take for monetization

You can earn money by selling the right to use the photos and videos you take on sites on the internet. You know, these are considered “intellectual properties” and publishers and advertising companies have to pay the owner to use them.

When you sell a 5 second video, you can earn between 30 and 150 dollars. The same product is always there and you can sell the right to use it again and again. As the content accumulates, you have a lot of houses and it is as if you have rented them out.

Even simple themes like running water, opening curtains, brewing tea do the job. There is a barrier here: There are certain resolution criteria that sites set for photography and video; so you have to shoot with a very good machine.

  • Udemy – teach online on a subject you know well

If there are subjects that you know very well, you can convert them to online courses and earn money from participation. These can be on many topics from embroidery techniques to OSS preparation course, from language training to homework support.

Udemy is the world leader in this field, and we are happy to say that its founders are a few geniuses and friends from METU. Doing your lessons in English will open your way a lot, as it will allow you to step out of the Turkish pool and open up to the world.

  • Etsy, eBay, Instagram – Sell your handiwork or goods from abroad

Etsy and eBay can be your gateway to the world. In both, individuals upload the things they want to sell to the platform and wait for customers to appear. There is a very high probability that you already know about eBay, so we will go straight to Etsy.

Etsy is a design / local product / craft sales platform that we love to shop. For example, an Indian jewelry designer exhibits his products here and takes orders and pays through the platform, just like on eBay.

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