How To Create a PayPal Account To Receive Money in Pakistan. Buying PayPal Accounts in Pakistan


How To Open a PayPal Account in Pakistan

PayPal, as you may be aware, is not supported in Pakistan. However, many websites continue to accept PayPal payments and purchases. With a verified PayPal account, you can easily do E-commerce and Shopping, as well as send and receive money.

In this article, we will explain how to get a PayPal account in Pakistan and what you need to do in two different ways to open a 100% verified PayPal account registered in your name.

To access the PayPal account registered in your name, you will need a bank account, a credit/debit card, a working number for code verification, a foreign address, and identity information, usually a passport/national ID. It is a little bit difficult to have all of these things in order to open a verified PayPal account in another country.  As a result, many people in the United States, Europe, and Asia have difficulty opening a verified PayPal account.

Actually, there are two ways to obtain an Overseas PayPal account:

1. By conducting research and spending time. Virtual phone numbers, virtual bank accounts (Payoneer, Transferwise, etc.), virtual credit cards, and so on. There are websites that you can access by searching for the required accounts. However, the vast majority of virtual bank accounts and phone numbers are inoperable.

You must conduct extensive research on the subject. But don’t be concerned. If you don’t have time, we can suggest a website that will do this for you for a fee.

2. We will recommend a partner site that provides the service of opening a PayPal account. You can use its services to open a PayPal account. As previously stated, if you do not want to waste time, this site can open a PayPal account for you in a timely manner and present it to you in an acceptable manner. 

You can contact them or write to them via WhatsApp for more information and fees: +1 856-390-3535

You can easily use the PayPal account registered in your name to get paid on many websites.

Is it possible to use my PayPal account in Pakistan?

Yes, you can use your PayPal account that you obtained in Pakistan.

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