Your Guide to Buying Barcodes for Selling on Amazon



If you’re planning to sell products on Amazon, you’ll need to have valid barcodes for your products. Barcodes are a unique identifier that help Amazon and other e-commerce platforms track your products through the supply chain.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy barcodes for Amazon:

  1. Determine the number of barcodes you need: You’ll need one barcode for each unique product that you plan to sell on Amazon. If you plan to sell multiple variations of a product, such as different sizes or colors, you’ll need a separate barcode for each variation.
  2. Choose a barcode provider: You can purchase barcodes directly from GS1, the organization that manages the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) system, or from a third-party barcode provider. GS1 charges an initial fee and annual renewal fee to use their GTINs, which can be expensive for small businesses. Alternatively, third-party barcode providers like BuyBarcodesCheap offer more affordable options for purchasing barcodes. In the meantime, we recommend to buy UPC EAN barcodes online. 
  3. Purchase your barcodes: Once you’ve chosen a barcode provider, you can purchase the number of barcodes you need for your products. The cost of barcodes can vary depending on the provider and the quantity purchased.
  4. Register your barcodes with Amazon: After purchasing your barcodes, you’ll need to register them with Amazon. This involves creating a product listing for each unique product and entering the barcode number in the product information. Amazon will then verify the barcode number to ensure that it is valid.
  5. Label your products with barcodes: Once your barcodes are registered with Amazon, you’ll need to label each of your products with the corresponding barcode. This can be done by printing the barcode onto a label and affixing it to your product packaging. (If you’re doing dropshipping, there’s no need to do that.)

In conclusion, buying barcodes for Amazon involves determining the number of barcodes you need, choosing a barcode provider, purchasing your barcodes, registering them with Amazon, and labeling your products with the barcodes. By following these steps, you can ensure that your products are properly identified and tracked on Amazon, and that you are able to sell successfully on the platform.

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