Who is Freelancer? How To Earn Money as a Freelancer


Who is Freelancer?

Freelancer work, which means independent work, is used to express the work of people in their own order, wherever and whenever they want. Freelancers who prefer to serve in their field of expertise instead of hiring in an institution work on a freelance basis.

How To Earn Money as a Freelancer

Many people working as employees in a private company are now looking for ways to work as a freelancer and are doing research to switch to a freelance lifestyle. Over the years, people are becoming more aware of the advantages that being a freelancer will give them. The interest in the freelance work style is increasing day by day.

In this way, we know that there are many people who get bored of desk jobs and continue their lives as freelancers. So, what exactly is your goal?

You have to ask yourself this question and give detailed answers. If you are going to take such a road, you should think carefully and make your decisions at the end of an intense thinking process.

With a sudden decision, a resignation to the company you work for may make you regret in the future. For this reason, I suggest you not to make a hasty decision.

Our recommendation is that instead of leaving your job in the first place, you should be a freelancer by taking additional work during the remaining time.

You should test whether you can earn additional income this way, and see how much you can earn from freelancing in a few months of trial. I want you to know that there will be an important problem in this process. It will not be so easy to find customers to which you can offer freelance service.

It will be useful to get some help in the first place so that you do not have trouble finding customers, and you can reach more people and start getting a freelance job quickly. For this, you can take advantage of freelancer sites that already have a customer base.

List of web sites where you can share freelance job postings;

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

By reviewing the job postings on these sites, you can better decide which category to serve. Once you have made your decision, you can publish the postings on the subjects you want to serve on these sites. Customers will buy your service through the site and you will only be left with the service …

Advantages of being Freelancer

Freelance job posting sites save you from the burden of many issues such as finding customers, payment infrastructure, and sending the earnings to a bank account.

You may face another challenge in the process of becoming a freelancer:

If you are inexperienced in freelancing, if you have never done business this way before, your adaptation process may take some time. Here we will touch on the most important points you need to pay attention to in order to earn money by working freelancer.

1) Choose Your Specialty

Will you be recognized as an expert on WordPress?

About PHP?

Article writing?

Graphic design?

Video montage and animation?

Mobile software?

Or is it social media expertise?

2) Be Frank to Your Customers When Posting Freelance Services

Are SEO settings included?

Is site speed optimization included?

Is content support included?

Is logo design included?

In short, what services are included in the price paid by the customer?

3) Build a Quality Website Promoting You and Your Services

If you have a CV-like website where you can explain yourself and its services in detail, customers will be more easily convinced to receive their services. Setting up a personal website gives customers more confidence. As you look more professional, you naturally get more orders.

4) Improve Yourself Continuously on The Subject You Serve

As a freelancer, you must constantly improve yourself in order to provide better quality service, to satisfy your customers and to complete more difficult jobs. You should keep in mind that customers comment on you after receiving the job. You should always be trained to get more positive comments and for customers to reference you.

For this, you can purchase various video tutorials, read books and follow the latest developments in your field on the Internet. One of the most important mistakes I see in freelancers is that they stop improving themselves after they start serving and earning a certain amount of money.

5) Decide on the Price of Your Service

We recommend that you review the profiles of other freelancers serving in your field and take a look at how much they are charging for which service. How many experts are they in their field? If you determine prices close to them, your services will be more likely to be sold. But if you think you provide a much superior service than them, then you can put the price higher.

Whatever the reward for your labour, you deserve that money! You’d better start believing that really. Because if you are going to work as a freelancer, you must have some principles. You can’t allow anyone to hire you cheaply. This should be a principle for you!

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