What is The Ring Video Doorbell? Which Video Doorbell Should I Buy? Where To Buy Doorbell Cameras


People have basic needs. Our basic need, which comes first, the needs of eating and drinking and which is not known much, is the security of life and property. Today, threats to our life and property security are quite high. And we don’t realize any of these.

Many different devices are produced in terms of security in the world and in our country in general. Among these products, cameras, audio communication systems, image systems are at the top. Audio communication systems are used both wired and wireless, and video communication systems can be used both wired and wireless.

As time goes by, both technology and the way of life have changed. Before, when customers came to your door, they would just use his knuckles to tap on your door. Due to sound produced you know that someone was at the gate and waiting for you to open it. This action of using knuckles to knock on the doors was altered by metallic door knockers and naturally it would save you the trouble of banging your knuckles against the door.


Because you could just strike the metal against the metal to produce sound. After that this metallic door knock was replaced by a wired doorbell. So guests were pressing only one button to understand that the people in the house were waiting for someone to open the door outside. Next doorbells are the wireless doorbell systems.

These works the same way as a wired doorbell as still today the visitor needs to press the bell button to notify the people inside that someone is expecting them to open the door. The only fundamental difference between a wired and a wireless doorbell is that wireless doorbells do not require wires to work, and this only difference has resulted in revolutionary changes in the ways a doorbell can be used today. (Recommended doorbell for you- Click here to get your own doorbell!)

What is the Ring Video Doorbell?

As we mentioned before wireless doorbells have evolved. So we can easily say that video doorbells are a tip of wireless doorbells or like more evolved version of them. Your home’s safety always comes first. Video doorbells are the extra set of eyes and ears needed to protect your home. You’ll always have to know who and what is at your door – even when you’re away. Today’s high-tech features make the video doorbell not just ‘nice to have,’ but a ‘must have’ for a safe and secure home as well.

Who is at door?
The main feature of a video doorbell is that you can see the visitor at the door on your handset before you open the door. A doorbell camera also can record the video and transfers the same to the handset. As a result, you can see who is at door. It’s good to know who is knocking the door.

Difference between wired and wireless video doorbells

As you guess, wired video doorbell cannot be fitted anywhere you want in the house. Besides, only installing agent can install at one fixed place. But wireless video doorbells can be kept at different places according to your needs. Let’s take an example: if you have a fixed wired doorbell installed in your home, and you are watching TV in the bedroom listening to loud music, you will not notice the visitor and they will have to wait a lot at the outside door.

On the contrary if you have a wireless video doorbell, these kinds of problems will not be your concerns. So even if you are in front of TV listening to high volume music and the doorbell rings, you can keep the wireless video bell next to you. At the end, you will never miss the sound.

Picture of your visitor
These kinds of video doorbell systems have a digital camera. So when you pressed button, it takes a picture of the visitor and send it to base unit. This means you can easily look at the image of your visitors even you are offline.

It’s very clear that, a video doorbells are excellent devices to integrate into your home security setup. In light of the benefits mentioned this article, it’s obvious to see why installing this smart home device is a smart move.

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