How To Make Money as a Virtual Assistant. Who Can Be a Virtual Assistant?


How To Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

The development of the internet and the expansion of preferred areas in order to make money in the home environment constantly create new business lines.

Virtual assistantship is one of the fields that have managed to attract the attention of many people who do additional work in the home environment today. It is sufficient for people who want to provide these services to have a product that they can access the internet online, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Secretaries, who generally carry out this process in offices, now have the opportunity to perform this process in a very easy way in the home environment. For this reason, the number of individuals who prefer this working system is constantly increasing.

Working Areas of Virtual Assistants

In general, the assistant service, which we often see in the business environment, is now becoming an area that is very actively preferred in home conditions. This is considered a very practical method preferred by those who want to earn additional money at home.

Although there are many people who want to start working in this way, individuals who will start to do this job will definitely have to meet certain conditions. The important thing is that the individual has the ability to use the computer actively and is able to use virtual wallets.

Who Can Be a Virtual Assistant?

The individual must receive virtual executive assistant training in order to work in this field. It will be very easy and practical to get these trainings over the internet. At this point, the key point to be considered will be the training from which sites these processes take place.

If you want to complete the training and start working in this field, the second step should be to create a CV that you can express yourself in the best way or that you believe will be. It will be important to have a secure internet network in order to be able to reach you in a short time.

It is very important to have a high-quality and high-speed computer so that you can continue your operations without slowing down. For the correct tracking of personal information, it is important to have a separate mobile phone for assistant work in addition to your own phone.

What are the Types of Online Assistantships?

Brand Assistant: Follows e-mails and reports, keeps an agenda, gives information about the design, and is responsible for organizing and planning.

Personal Assistant: Plans how it works, controls writing, controls messaging and notification systems.

Social Media Assistant: Controls the incoming DMs, follows the comments and likes of the shared photos, and plans the job interviews via social media.

Travel Assistance: Organizes the travels of the person, arranges the hotel to stay, researches the places to visit in the destination city and creates a good program for all these.

Company Assistant: Organizes office duties, arranges meetings and supports daily office work.

E-Mail Assistant: Manages incoming e-mails to companies and individuals and provides appropriate feedback.

Meeting Assistant: It is responsible for planning where and when the meetings will be held.

What are the Equipment Required to Become a Virtual Assistant?

To become a virtual secretary, you will first need a comfortable environment.

  • A fixed telephone line you will use,
  • Photocopy machine,
  • Fax machine,
  • Printer machine,
  • Internet connection,
  • A fast computer

If you have these equipments, you can use it, if not, you can easily handle your work by supplying it. So you can make money as a virtual assistant

What Should Be Considered While Working as a Virtual Assistant?

  • One of the things you should pay attention to while working as a virtual assistant is the company you will assist. While some companies make regular salary payments, some companies may not. If you want to have insurance while doing this job, you should state this at the job interview. We can list the points you need to pay attention to in order to earn money by working as a virtual assistant as follows;
  • You should work efficiently without interrupting the working hours given to you.
  • You must do the work requested from you on time.
  • You must complete your duties and responsibilities correctly.
  • You should pay attention to your diction when making phone calls to the company.
  • You should choose your style appropriately, using an understandable language.
  • You must have information about the business and convey it to the other party in an understandable way.
  • Your working hours should be adjusted according to yourself and the people you will work with.
  • Since virtual assistantship will be done online, you should understand what the other party wants from you and find a solution.
  • You should report the works you have done and need to do and send them to the other party.


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