How To Make a Mobile App At Home. Create Android and iOS Apps Without Coding

December 3, 2020 0 Comments

I’m sure many people thought of creating mobile applications. When they go on and on in the metrobus, in the bus, in the car, while doing sports, eating, etc., etc.

Creating a mobile application is not a one-sided job, of course, it is related to the application you will do, but the application we will take as an example here will be an application that communicates with web services, is user-logged, comments can be made and is broadcast on both platforms (iOS-Android).

How to make a mobile application for Android and iOS. Whether you have a website or not, you suddenly thought of making a mobile application or you needed it, but you do not know the code and you do not know how to do it. We are writing this article for you, let’s get started.

The real answer to the question of how to make a mobile application is very simple because nowadays it is very easy to make a mobile application, there are dozens of websites that offer this service on the internet, go to any one and start making your application. We highly recommend Appy Pie. 

At the same time, you do not need to know any code while performing them. Because these websites are made to design mobile applications without code. To get started, all you have to do is create an account wherever you go. (Click Here To Create an Account With Appy Pie.)

What is Appy Pie?

Appy Pie’s proprietary no code mobile app development software is the perfect solution for anyone looking for mobile app development services.

Mobile application development with Appy Pie is simple and is fabulously intuitive. Appy Pie makes mobile app development a breeze! This means for your next mobile application development project, you do not need to spend hours writing codes, worry about bugs, or syntax errors at all. You only need to have an app idea, pick a color theme, choose the right features, and your app is ready to be published in minutes!

How to Make a Mobile Application

We answered, but I want to add a few details. If you are making an application for a website, I suggest you do it by coding, especially for e-commerce. Coming to how to do it, what you need to do can start by following the simple steps below. I wanted to make you a list, I thought it would be more planned if you go according to this list.

  • Determine the site you will use
  • Choose your category (e-commerce, news, blog…)
  • Make an outline for the design
  • Determine the design and the features you will use
  • Prepare and finish the application
  • Then get the APK file!

Although these steps sound simple, it may take a long time, I wanted to write a summary of how to make a mobile application, I hope it makes your job easier. Click Here To Open a New Account with Appy Pie.

imagination or the shape you planned. In these steps, the site will tell you how to do it and show you the ways.

How to Make a Mobile App Without Coding

Mobile app development from scratch takes far too long and pushes some of the greatest app ideas (with lower business returns) to the backburner. Low code and no code development help make mobile application development 10 times faster.

Creating a code-free application is one of the things that will make our job the most easier. If we go back to the subject, the answer to the question is simple, if you do not know the code, you can make your application on the website we are going to, just drag and drop, or by simple operations such as selecting and marking, the sample demonstration of the application will already be shown to you. You can find anything you want via Appy Pie.

Publishing on Android & IOS?

Publishing in Google Play Store or AppStore is actually paid, so you can do this by paying a certain amount of money first. Or, with APK, you can send users a link to a download page. Starting from the Google Play Store, offering an application in the Play Store will cost you $ 25. For IOS users, these users cannot use APK as well.

The AppStore is asking you for a $ 100 registration fee, 4 times more expensive than Google. These prices are not a single application, you can install dozens of applications from your single account for a single account. At the same time, the applications you will publish here will be approved after checking and will be published from now on. Let’s add this as a note.

In short, you can serve your mobile application as APK to your users on social media and then publish it in places such as Play Store or AppStore. 

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