How to Lose Weight Fast. What Should I Do To Lose Belly Fat? Can I Lose Stubborn Weight At Home?


As the weather warmed up and the summer months approached, weight loss methods were again on the agenda. Citizens who want to enter a fit and healthy body in the summer are searching healthy weight loss techniques and what should be done while losing weight. It is not difficult to lose weight with regular exercise and a healthy diet plan. So, how to lose weight? What to do to lose weight?

Overweight, which is a common problem of everybody, has been one of the most researched subjects with the approach of the summer. While many people try to weaken by being hungry, experts say it is a very wrong idea. Here’s what to do to lose weight, and a few healthy weight-loss recommendations …


One of the most common mistakes in skipping meals, weight gain and weight loss negatively affect the experts stating that, the citizens apply a lot of misinformation about weight loss as it says true. However, losing weight is not as difficult as it seems. Taking care of a few tips, you can not get rid of your excess weight with determination. Here, healthy weight loss techniques ...

DO NOT SKIP MEAL : Experts say that for those who want to lose weight, it is the biggest mistake to skip some meals, especially breakfast. Starting the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, accelerates the metabolism and helps you lose weight.

DRINK MORE WATER : Always try to consume plenty of water during weight loss. Water does not have calories. You can add lemon juice and lemon slices in it and add orange juice and cucumber slices. Water becomes a zero-calorie but pleasant drink. Inadequate water consumption also slows down our metabolism. Drinks such as tea and coffee that we drink during the day do not replace the water we need to consume daily. Therefore, 2 – 2.5 liters of water per day should be taken care to consume.

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COFFEE AND GREEN TEA : Catechins found in green tea, accelerate fat burning. Therefore, you should drink a cup of green tea a day. The caffeine in the coffee is a powerful metabolic activator, just like catechins. When you consume coffee, you should pay attention to the following: instead of creamy heavy coffees, prefer sugar-free and milk-free filter coffee.

BEGIN WITH A LIGHT SALAD IN THE DINNER : Salad that is consumed in the beginning will create a full occupancy in the stomach and will allow you to consume less of your main course. Therefore, eat salads first.

Chewing Well : The chewing time while eating is also an important factor in losing weight fast. Chewing every bite at least 25-30 times, extending your meal time, limiting your food consumption.

PROTEIN: The amount of protein in your menu (meat, fish, chicken, dairy products) increases the amount of weight is easier to lose.

REMOVE CANDY: Don’t add sugar to the tea or coffee. Say “No” to the sugary drinks. You will see that your weight loss process will be very well affected. Also drink fruit juice and sugary drinks and consume the fruit itself.

HEALTHY OILS PREFERRED: Vegetable oils called sunflower, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, such as oils and high heat with a very high level of processing and omega-6 ratio is high, because of the lower omega-3 ratio increases inflammation in the body, this is the chronic diseases causes the formation. Healthy fats; extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and oil in avocado.

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NO FRIED : When cooking, apply grilling and baking methods instead of frying. This will be healthier and your weight loss process will gain speed.

QUALITY SLEEPING: If your sleep is high quality and adequate, calorie intake and affect weight. Sleep is highly effective in glucose metabolism, immune function, concentration, efficiency and athletic performance.

FIBROUS FOOD: Fibrous food, help to remain satiated and prevent the extra calorie intake of experts, so high in the pulp content of meals, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole-wheat and whole-grain bread, lentils, chickpeas such as chickpeas should be given weight should be recommended.

VITAMIN SUPPLY: Vitamin D, vitamin B12, Omega-3 and multivitamin supplement if necessary. Check your blood tests to make sure that you take supplemental vitamins. The deficiency of these vitamins is also effective in weight gain.

LEARN FROM THE PAST: Take lessons from many failed failures in the past and take advantage of books that offer low-calorie recipes.

TARGET : Put realistic goals in front of you, such as giving 0.5-1 kg a week, and most importantly keep the balance between the calories taken and the energy you spend.

CONSCIOUS SHOPPING: Be conscious while shopping. Go shopping on the stomach and make a list beforehand. Always read the nutritional values on food products. Do not buy food products that are not included in the diet plan of your choice.

HELP FROM THE EXPERT OF THE LOSING WEIGHT:  In fact, what we have to say at the first thing we say at the last thing. You should get help from the dietitians for avoiding  healthy weight loss negativity


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