How To Buy High Quality Massage Chairs. Best Massage Chairs. Health Benefits Of Massage Chairs

The very first massage chair introduced to the market was in the 80s. The goal of this product was to relieve tension, stress and alleviate back pain. 

Massage chair provides many health benefits. It improves circulation, relieves back and joint pain, relieves stress and boosts mental health. Here are the 5 benefits of a regular use of a massage chair.

Improve blood flow Two components of the massage chair assist with improved blood circulation.

The first is the mechanized massage that one gets from a massage chair. These massage techniques include kneading, rolling, tapping, gripping, and Shiatsu. In all these techniques, the rollers of massage chairs move and vibrate key points of the body thus promoting improved blood flow.

There are countless benefits from boosting your blood circulation. These include:

  • Speeding up recovery from injuries and ailments
  • Eliminating toxins from the body
  • Stimulation of endorphins that help the body cope with pain and stress

The second component is the Zero Gravity feature of premium massage chairs. In such a position, your blood reaches the various parts of the body and improves circulation throughout the body. (Click Here to Get Your Zero Gravity Massage Chair)

Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety– The conclusion of studies is that massage therapy reduces stress significantly on physical and psychological levels. Measures of oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and salivatory cortisol levels, for example, were all lower after a 10 to 15 minute chair massage in controlled studies.

Muscle Relaxation – Muscle relaxation is maybe one of the most important benefits that a massage chair offers. Because of the many tasks and obligations we have during the day as a parents, partners, coworkers etc., our shoulders, back and neck are subjected to stress. The stress affects tissues of the body which is why they become sore and stiff. Massage chair places pressure on the affected tissues in order to make less tension and relax the muscles. As muscles begin to relax, the pain is gradually relieved, especially in lower back and neck.

Dual Function – Many new massage chair models today are designed to fit majority of home designs and styles. This means that a massage chair has dual function. It can be used not just for a massage purposes, but also as a furniture piece in a home. When chair is not used for a relaxing massage, it can be used as a comfortable piece of furniture where you can sit and enjoy a good book or a TV show. (Get Your Quality Massage Chair)

Quality Technology – Today, modern massage chairs are quite different than the original models. They are equipped with latest technology and high quality mechanisms that make the massage therapy more effective. There are many different models that offer not only massage and relaxation to the neck, back and shoulders, but also to the legs and arms. Of course, functions and features of different massage chair models will vary depending on the price and brand.

We highly recommend this massage chair for you: 

The Osaki OS-4000T is a full function massage chair that automatically detects the natural curvature of the human body and adjusts the massage to fit. The Zero Gravity position elevates the legs above the heart and more evenly distributes your weight. The OS-4000T also features hip air massage, seat vibration massage, neck and shoulder air massage, air and vibration arm massage, heat therapy for your lumbar/lower back area, and foot rollers.

Choosing your massage is easy with the 7 unique auto programs: Muscle Relief, Thai, Stretching, Anti-stress, Demo, Neck/Shoulder, and Back/Lumbar, all with one touch of a button. Massage combinations are endless with 6 of the most desirable techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, and Combo. Add to that 5 speed and intensity settings and you have complete control of your massage for ultimate relaxation.

There is also automatic massage settings for the upper body (shoulder, neck, back and lumbar) and the lower body (buttock, thigh, calves and feet). You can manually adjust the massage for the upper body with three options: full body, partial and fixed. You can choose any of six massage styles – rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo.



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