4 Ways To Open A Pomegranate


Late October, early November is the season for pomegranates, pinkish red orbs filled with crunchy, juicy seeds (known as arils), bursting with flavor.

You can get them at most supermarkets, but if you live anywhere near where they are grown, it’s best to get them at a local farmer’s market.

There are lots of different ways of cutting open a pomegranate, from cutting vertically, cutting horizontally, to even submerging in water. This wikiHow will show you a few of these ways so that you can get to the tasty seeds inside. Not all of these methods may work for you, so pick one that suits you the best!

  1. Place the pomegranate on top of a cutting board. Since pomegranate juice stains pretty much everything, you may want to protect your cutting board with a cloth and your hands with rubber gloves.
    Cut the top crown around the top of the pomegranate until you can pop it off like a lid. Remove it and dispose. The fruit should be in a cone shape after your cutting.

    Slice the skin along the ridges of the pomegranate. The ridges are at the boundaries of the internal sections of the pomegranate – you’ll be able to see where they naturally lie. You do not want to cut through and slice the seeds. You only need to score the skin, so only cut through until you hit the white parts.

    A set of sections radiate from the calyx (top or blossom end) and a second set from the stem end. The two sets are divided by a ridge running around the pomegranate about two thirds of way down from the calyx.

    Gently pull the pomegranate apart. It will fall into a star shape. If you didn’t slice the bottom, the individual slices will be attached at the center, like a flower. You can then eat the pomegranate as is, or separate the arils first.


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